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neuroscientific expertise 

delivered with clarity.

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an evidence-based approach to advocacy

the brain is complicated. people want simplicity.

Dr. Allen leverages his unique background as a college professor and respected neuroscientist with training in clinical psychology and neuropsychology to deliver compelling and digestible consultation.

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"Having handled TBI cases for 25 years, I (mistakenly) thought brain damage always required direct brain trauma; so, I’m sharing this new method of recovery with you as it needs to be made part of the damages presentation for our clients with PTSD or chronic pain. Dr. J.D. Allen, a neuroscientist and professor with a Harvard Ph.D., participated in a CLE program I chaired on Expert Witnesses in Civil Litigation. Dr. Allen testified on “direct” that both chronic pain and PTSD result in brain damage, explaining it both scientifically and very persuasively. He also did extremely well in 'cross-exam' which was done by one of Indiana’s best defense lawyers."

bryan l. bradley, esq.

civil plaintiff attorney

"Mind. Blown. Having avoidance explained clinically was so enlightening... Dr. Allen ran a series of seminars through our company's mental health initiative. His helpful presentations covered a lot of interesting topics, with the right balance of academic and practical information geared specifically to our audience of remote workers. Our team had a ton of positive feedback and found his expertise really useful. He would often stay later than scheduled to answer questions and share tips that were personally relevant to our workers, which we especially appreciated."

lullabot, inc.

human resources director

"I could honestly write pages about why Dr. Allen is the greatest Teaching Fellow to set foot on Harvard's campus. I've had many, but none have compared to him...he prepared us [undergraduates] extremely well, and he made me feel confident in my studying...after meeting him, I have decided to switch my concentration to Psychology, and I plan on remaining in contact with him throughout the rest of my time at Harvard. He made all the students in a morning section happy to be there...I don't know a single person in my section who would say anything different than what I've described, either.

harvard university

former college student

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